Why we do not install shingles

The main reason is Ryan Restorations is highly qualified in the specialty of Slate Roofing, Tile Roofing and Copper Roofing.

Slate roofing requires special skills and specific equipment to restore these shimmering, rock roofs to their original condition. This type of work requires artistry along with the mechanical skill set to produce the world’s finest roofing system. And the same goes for tile roofing requiring special skills, knowledge and craftsmanship to install a 100 year roof. Copper Roofing goes hand in hand with tile and slate roofing due to its long service life. We use traditional folding and forming techniques in conjunction with centuries old installation practices to provide the highest quality copper roofing available.

Shingle roofs are installed very quickly and cheaply, and thus preferred by most builders and homeowners. The materials claim 20, 25 or 30 years life spans, but rarely if ever meet those claims. All flashings are caulked together, assuming they used any caulking. On re-roofs they usually re use the old flashings, a poor practice.

Shingle Roofs discussed by Ryan Restoration Roofing
Shingle roofs do not require the same skill set as other roofing types.

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