Slate Siding for Coach House and Garage
Slate Siding on Garage

Slate roofs are the finest roofs in the world and have been installed on homes for many centuries.

Ryan Restorations are specialists at Slate Roofing, but here we get a chance to enhance our specialty by showing a project consisting of Slate Siding and Copper Roofing. 

Traditional Copper Roofing adds elegance, longevity and value to the project. There is no finer roofing material available. And with proper installation, it can last a lifetime.   Adding the Copper Roofing to this Slate Siding project is more than a specialty, it is also an art.  The random width slate is blended artfully based on how the quarry sends it to you.

Before we arrived, this garage was in needed repair, so it was time to demolish.

Original Garage before Slate Siding and Copper Roof
Original Garage
Original Garage before Slate Siding
Original Siding
Original Garage with Rotten Walls before Slate Siding
Rotten Walls

Now it was time to begin the building phase of the project.

Before Garage with Rotten Walls before Slate Siding
Rotten walls being prepared to be replaced
Bracing for Garage Walls prepping for Slate Siding
Bracing for new walls

These next images allow you to see the construction starting to be rebuilt.  Ensure to look at the bottom right hand side of the third picture.  It will stand out in a moment as we continue to explain the process.

New walls before slate siding
New walls before putting siding on
New walls before windows
No windows yet
New walls preparing for copper
Notice the right side near the power pole

Next we begin to see the true craft evolving.  Did you notice how the row just at the bottom of the window is different than the first four rows?  This allows you to visualize how the next row will overlay the exposed tile.

Slate Siding being installed by roofer
Slate Siding installation in process
Slate Siding being installed by roofing contractor
Slate Siding further along

This next picture points out that we kept the roof the same until we were ready to work on it. Like our truck?

Slate Roofer Truck
Our truck next to the job before replacing the roof

Something you will not see is where two walls meet. Copper flashing is under each corner slate to keep the water out.

Copper Flashing for Corner of Slate Siding
Copper Flashing underneath to keep water out

Speaking of copper, let’s introduce something really unique. Notice the chalk lines for diamond layout. Then we began preparing to clad the power box.

Perimeter Metal for Copper
Perimeter Metal and chalk lines for copper
Copper Diamond
Copper Diamond ready to install
Copper Diamond progress
Copper Diamond progress
Copper Diamond finished
Copper Diamond finished
Slate installation after Copper installation
Slate Siding after Copper completed

We then moved to the Double Lock Standing Seam Roof. This is a traditional folding technique.

Copper Roof with Double Lock Standing Seam
Double Lock Standing Steam Copper Roof

We then finished the project with copper cladding around garage door entrance. Normally it is wrapped in Aluminum.

Copper Cladding around garage door entrance
Copper cladding around garage door entrance

Now we see the completed product, with 3 color blend of slate, Vermont Black, Strata Grey & Semi-Weathering Clear Gray. Semi Weathering will turn like an earth tone after about a year.  The project also features copper soffit, copper roof, copper gutters and copper window flashing.

Slate siding for garage with 3 color blend
3 color blend of slate
Slate Siding and Copper Roof for Garage finished
Slate siding and copper roof is finished

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